Attorney Bekasi Fuel Drug R1, 5 billion

State Attorney Bekasi, West Java, destroy drugs worth R1, 5 billion. Illicit goods seized the apparatus of criminal syndicates were burned in the yard of Bekasi City Government Plaza, on Jalan Ahmad Yani, Bekasi Selatan, Bekasi, Wednesday, December 4, 2013.
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Drugs that consists of 182,433.8240 grams of marijuana, weighing 255.9567 grams of heroin, methamphetamine as 145.6110 grams, 48 grains ektasi, lexotan as many as 3,323 items. 

"Drugs worth Rp1, 5 billion, the result of the disclosure of the various cases that occur until mid-2013. total there are 670 cases, "said Chief State Prosecutor Bekasi, Enen Saribanon. 

Besides drugs, Kejari Bekasi also destroyed 1,560 bottles of liquor of various types, such as alcohol and 1 drum 16 sack type of ginseng liquor bottles. Culling illegal goods was done by using heavy equipment run over. 

"Evidence of a person convicted Tian named Bok Lie. case in 2013 and now it inkrah," said Enen. 
Besides liquor bottle, also participated in an empty bottle that has not been destroyed in content of alcoholic beverages. 

Kejari Bekasi also destroy counterfeit money amounting to Rp1, 1 billion more, with fractions 50 thousand and 100 thousand. 
"Counterfeit money is evidence from 9 cases that occurred from 2010 through 2013," he said.
Cases Increase
Culling the evidence witnessed by officials of regional leaders meetings (the officials) in Bekasi. Chairman of the Parliament of which Bekasi, Bekasi City police chief and head of the Bekasi District Military Command 0507. Also present were a number of religious leaders and community leaders and youth in Bekasi. Chairman Narcotics Agency (BNK) Bekasi, Ahmad Syaikhu, revealing every year in Bekasi drug cases tend to increase especially for the number of suspects involved. (See also: HP Mito Latest Android ) Based on the data, in 2012 there are 321 drug cases with the number of 386 suspects. This year there are 203 cases, with 670 people suspected."Handling this case, requires the commitment and ability of various parties, to conduct surveillance," said Ahmad. (Ren)


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