Caring Tips to Keep Birds Ciblek gacor

How To Care For Birds Ciblek always Fixed gacor And Stay Fit
Ciblek bird care to keep gacor and always fit her condition turns out is not easy for the beginner bird chirping in treating mania are ciblek ( Read: ciblek gacor )
And this time I will discuss about and care about how the bird ciblek .

First thing is Should We Keep It must Stay Fresh Food Intake And Always Awake
Bathe Bird With Routine Each Morning After Sunrise .

Morning at 05.00 am open kerodong
then digantang outside the home , the master kicaumania often call diembun - embunkan , but actually for all kinds of birds will be happy atmosphere of the morning before sunrise .
At 07:00 pm after it was given extra fooding ciblek a small crickets 2-3 tails , Kroto ¼ - ½ teaspoon and caterpillars hongkong 2-4 tails
fooding extra provision can be customized with your own settings
then , bathe the bird with a spray with a very gentle spray setting so that the birds are not surprised
Drying can be done at 07.00 pm until 09.00 pm .
After that, in a shady place bushel .
if you want to rub or make other birds like ciblek voiced birds chirping can input his own voice like a canary or other bird of his voice ( Read: ciblek alang alang )
His best after drying the bird ciblek his best kerodong
and hold on the canaries or other bird of his every day about 4 hours - 5 hours
and in the afternoon at 16.00 pm The open kerodong
extrafooding then give the same amount to the provision of extra fooding morning .
after that bathe the birds like the morning sun and about 30 minutes - 60 minutes
after that afternoon at 17:00 pm at kerodong birds .


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