Create an Email and multiple Gmail Tricks

Create an Email & multiple Gmail Tricks - Here's a trick to make multiple accounts gmail email :

1 . Suppose your gmail account is . Well , just to give the character a dot ( . ) Between each character before the current signal @ the email so you can email a new name . This is because gmail does not know the point as the characters in the account name ( username ) . From namaemail account name , you can have 1024 new gmail account can be opened entirely from your original account that . To check how much variation can be contrived account from your gmail account , please carefully in
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2 . Not only character point , gmail also do not know the character after the symbol of + ( plus ) . You can give the character a signal between + and @ . Metaphor : can be namaemail + + or namaemail ff . All emails that are sent to the name continues to enter the real name of your gmail , namely .

3 . Well as most recently, you can also . If an email is sent to , again out into the real name of your gmail , namely : .
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The usefulness of the features above gmail is that you can have the most current account on facebook , twitter , or another account with just wearing one of your gmail account only. Because of twitter , facebook , and others assess the dots as characters in the name of the email . This means that facebook , twitter , etc. as well as assess @ so the two names are not the same email . But on the other hand, assesses the 2nd gmail email name in the form of an account .
The point is if you make two facebook accounts ( one with and the other email with @ ) , then email the confirmation / notification can be sent to the original name of your gmail , namely : . So do not bother to create a new email account new again . Hopefully this trick useful yah .. :) - See more at:

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