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How MudahTernak Birds Lovebird , Lovebird Learning Cultivation , How to Determine the Sex spawn Old Age Production Place food to feed chicks hatch lovebird .

 gender lovebird
Physically sex on lovebird is very difficult to distinguish . Do not be fooled by the lovebird mating , because mating lovebird lovebird not necessarily those of males and females . It may be that the lovebird male or female all all .
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If the character is about two weeks after mating are lovebird lovebird does not also mean the male spawn all and vice versa if it is approximately 2 minngu the lovebird lay eggs after mating more than 6 eggs are most likely female lovebird all . While the way most people in Indonesia to distinguish gender lovebird is by touching the bone , where if the distance between the two bone chopsticks feels loose and supple it is usually lovebird female sex .

And if the distance between the bone narrow and feels hard chopsticks lovebird usually the male sex . But the way is not 100 % true . Fatherly most accurate way is often done by the western people is by way of a blood test with a path which pulled a feather lovebird lovebird feathers at the base of the stick there is a little blood subsequently taken to a special laboratory to examine gender lovebird . In this way , a very accurate way to determine the sex of lovebird

age production lovebird
Lovebird can lay eggs at the age of 8 months . But age is not good for productivity loveird . At the age of 8 months lovebird not really mature for production , so often there is a failure in hatching . If successful probability is very small and the quality of the resulting lovebird usually not good . For a good age is the age of 1 year , at the age of lovebird really is ready for production .

lovebird nest
 In lovebird breed need a place to lay their eggs . The place should we provide well so calmly lovebird can incubate and hatch the eggs can lovebird lovebird baik.Tempat shaped nesting box with varying sizes . Ideal for measuring 20cmx20cmx25cm box . The placement of the boxes should be protected from sun and rain . In addition to nesting boxes do not forget also provided nest material , can be dried grass , wood shavings etc. . The material is placed in the bottom of the cage , if it is almost time laying lovebird will bring material into the nest box to lay their eggs where laid out as a basis for laying eggs and handy to warm the eggs .

OLD incubation
incubation lovebird
During the incubation lovebird requires a quiet environment free from any interference . These conditions have to be really on guard in order to get maximum results . Some people assume that if you 're incubate lovebird should not be seen / held the egg . It is very sensible to keep ktenngan being incubate lovebird . But the drawback how do we come to know whether the eggs hatch or not . To overcome this habit we see the lovebird box before laying eggs . So with these habits when lovebird is laying eggs and incubating eggs if we look not bothered because
already accustomed to viewing.
After incubation for 25 days the eggs had not yet hatched eggs are likely to hatch and can not be taken back let lovebird lay eggs . The eggs that we take for mngetahui we broke the egg shape . If the condition of the egg is still intact , there is still white and the yolk means terseut unfertilized egg . However if the rot is to fail in pengeramannya .

FOOD lovebird
lovebird food
Lovebird so that we can maintain maximum production , then we must provide quality food and varies . Likewise , we would get bored if every day we only eat rice cat Angkringan ( maksutnya not eat cat that we know , is not forbidden , you try to Jalan Fatmawati , South Jakarta , aq kye not know : D , Jokowi kayae like ) . Lovebird preferred food such as: millet , finger millet , canary seed , mustard seed , corn , kale , mustard greens , sprouts , etc. . For lovebird that was feeding the baby would be coupled with the development of their children in order to better BR1 .


To increase the productivity of the parent lovebird can be done by taking lovebird children around the age of 10-14 days . In addition, children will become more tame lovebird so also can increase the selling price lovebird . Lovebird child be placed on a pedestal in the given box and cloth towels 5 watt lamp to keep warm .

Feed for lovebird can use instant baby food sold in stores around you . Baby porridge mixed with warm water , not too hot and not cold , ( lukewarm ) .
At first the mixture is given in a form that is not too thick , add more lovebird child's age , level of viscosity increasing food anyway .
The tools used can wear syringe . ( Read: jenis lovebird )

Feeding is done at least once every 4 hours , on a regular basis . You can use your own schedule , for example feeding schedule : 06:00 , 10:00 , 14:00 , 18:00, 23:00 .

Having a child around the age of four weeks lovebird , you can give them food in the eating place to train lovebird eating in children . The food can be given small pieces of fruit or vegetables , boiled eggs , warm water mixed pellets .

At approximately 6 weeks of age , the child will be more interested lovebird fly than eat what you offer . They will eat and drink themselves more . At that age children lovebird ready for weaning .


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