Eggfood as complementary foods insectivorous birds

Eggfood is a kind of food that is made ​​using hard-boiled eggs as basic materials . Benefits eggfood containing high protein and bermanfat substances is necessary for such types of birds such as parrots parakeet , lovebird , cockatiel and canary .

But who would have thought that this eggfood it can also be applied in insectivorous birds ( insectivorous ) as a supplementary food substitute Kroto . Eggfood can be given to a type of bird or tledekan ciblek mountain , but not closed eggfood possibility this could also be given to the type of kacer bird , magpie stone or red anise . ( Read: egg food untuk lovebirds )

Bird enthusiasts abroad often give eggfood the type of insectivorous birds from the bird rawatannya , it is quite reasonable considering the existence of fresh Kroto very hard to find .

Eggfood considered as a supplement to meet the nutritional needs of pet birds . To make it even though we are not bothered with looking for the ingredients , because that is typically used live insects such as caterpillars hongkong with poached eggs , either using chicken eggs , duck eggs or quail eggs .

To help you make this eggfood feed , here is the recipe how to make eggfood , either as a replacement or additional feed new Kroto .

Materials used :

boiled eggs
Raw tofu
While other materials you can use all or one of them , namely :
caterpillars hongkong
flour crickets
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How to make :

Boiled egg that has been cooked in a rough and included mashed up in a blender along with the other ingredients ( insects ) until it becomes soft grain . If the dough still feels rough again be mixed with raw tofu .
Next you can add other ingredients to the batter , such as flour or Kroto and Vitamin crickets , and stir with a spoon , until evenly distributed .
Feed concoction that has become a powder that can be directly given to your pet bird at home .

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