Keep Windows XP, government-crowded Crowded Pay Microsoft

Microsoft does have an end to support the Windows XP operating system that has been aged 13 years . Redmont Washington -based company that was not in charge when the computing devices are still using Windows XP got a virus and data thieves compromised .

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However , the Dutch and the British government hastily agreed with Microsoft last week , in order to keep the operating system support . The second request that the government is not without reason , many governments devices they are still using Windows XP .

Launch Arc Technica , Tuesday, April 8, 2014 , two governments were willing to pay to Microsoft for this purpose . The British government spent U.S. $ 9.1 million or Rp102 , 2 billion that Microsoft still supports Windows XP , Office 2003 , and Exchange 2003 . Devices known to the UK public sector is still using the operating system .

Meanwhile , the Dutch government poured several million euros , or about the billions of dollars that 30 thousand computers running Windows XP still has the support of Microsoft .

Commercial Director of Information Technology and Telecommunications Trade UK Government Funding Agency ( CCS ) , pages cited Computerweekly , said the contract has saved at least 20 million euros, equivalent to Rp375 , 4 billion .

This value , Hurrell said , can not be met by any organization if asked to pay separately .

" So , this allows us to have continuity of public sector organizations that are eligible as those who migrate to another operating system , " he said .

Meanwhile , the Dutch pages , Dutchnews , reported throughout the Dutch government , is scheduled to switch to the newest operating system in January next year . Currently , two of the five local councils in the Netherlands are still using Windows XP and the agreement has not covered it .

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The value of the deal is very small compared to the U.S. government also pays to get the same support to hundreds of thousands of computing systems running Windows XP .

Today, computers in many hospitals in the United States recorded still using Windows XP , for instance on the workstation and device health .


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