Making Plans Questioned Zoo in East Kalimantan Samarinda Botanical Unmul

The zoo in Indonesia is one of the conservation organizations under the Ministry of Forestry Republic of Indonesia . There are eleven forms of conservation organizations that have been set by the minister of forestry regulations since 2006 that have been revised twice . Forestry ministerial regulation on the conservation agency is the Minister of Forestry Regulation . P.53/Menhut-II/2006 ; P.01/Menhut-II/2007 and the last P.31/Menhut-II/2012 ( final regulations revise the previous rules ) .

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With existing rules is not forbidden to make a zoo anywhere in Indonesia , but of course with all the requirements in the ministerial regulations termaktup above .

In Indonesia there are at least 20 who have registered zoos . Even some of the zoo has been around since the Dutch colonial era . Zoo is the oldest zoo in Indonesia Ragunan that stood in 1864 . Sure there are some zoos that are not listed , because the rules are very strict manufacture zoo and very sensitive among NGOs and researchers as well as animal lovers .

In East Kalimantan, there is a zoo run by a coal mining company (PT Gunung Bayan ) in Kutai Barat , had a zoo is not licensed and was made because the owners and top management of the company is very loving animals in captivity . However, recent information has been officially zoo has a permit from the forestry ministry .

While there is a small zoo in the Botanical Gardens Unmul Samarinda ( KRUS ) but so far have not received permission from the Ministry of Forestry , and even some time ago a mini zoo was once raided by the Natural Resources Conservation Center ( BKSDA ) East Kalimantan for harboring some animals protected including Orang-utan ( Pongo pygmaeus ) . Last KRUS mini zoo was built based on a memorandum of understanding between the City Government of Samarinda and No. Mulawarman . 871/OT/2001-556.6/28/2001 dated February 17, 2001 , signed Unmul Rector , Prof. . Rahmat Hernadi and Samarinda Mayor Achmad Amins , witnessed by the Deputy Governor of East Kalimantan , Yurnalis Ngayoh .

The results of the investigation to an independent agency Indonesian ProFauna entire zoo in Indonesia concluded that the entire zoo in Indonesia is not feasible , because the whole zoo does not meet the standards of animal welfare criteria are based on the parameters of the five freedoms of animals .

Welfare of Animals in the Zoo

Animal welfare translated from English Animal welfare is the physical and psychological state of the animal in an attempt to cope with their environment . Even the term animal welfare is already contained in the Law. 18 of 2009 on Animal Husbandry and Animal Health . In the animal welfare Act translated as all matters relating to physical and mental state of the animals according to the size of the natural behavior of animals that need to be implemented and enforced to protect animals against any person who is not worthy of the human uses of animals .

Actually, the concept of animal welfare has been raised for a long time , so in the end the British government in 1965 to form a team to formulate a rule that talks about animal welfare . The team headed by Prof. . Roger Brambell , who tries to study and compose about animal welfare standards so that eventually emerged the concept of animal welfare is recognized by the United States . Now even many States have implemented the concept of animal welfare and legislation enacted in the State .

There are three important aspects of animal welfare , namely 1 ) ​​animal welfare based on science , especially ecology and behavior of animals ( Welfare Science ) , which measures the effect on wildlife and the environment in a different situation from the standpoint of the interests of animals based on knowledge (research ) ; 2 ) based on the ethics of animal welfare ( Welfare ethics ) , ie how should humans should treat animals ; and 3 ) animal welfare law ( Welfare law) , namely how should humans should treat animals .

Assessing animal welfare can be done with the concept of The Five Freedoms ( Five of Freedom ) . The five elements of freedom are: 1 ) Freedom from hunger and thirst ; 2 ) Freedom from discomfort ; 3 ) Freedom from pain , injury and disease ; 4 ) Free express normal behavior ; and 5 ) Freedom from a sense of stress and distress .

The five concepts can not stand alone and are related to each other , if one factor is not met it will interfere with the overall factor . Of course this is highly unlikely concept is applied to the animal in a cage that can be found in almost all zoos in Indonesia and even the world .

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Applying the concept of animal welfare based on the five absolute freedom to do in a zoo . So the purpose of establishing the zoo will be met from all aspects , both for the benefit of human ( economic interest , pleasure , knowledge , etc. ) or for the benefit of animals . So that must have been a big challenge , not easy and expensive .


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