Research: Most Indonesian Bird Species Evolution Uniqueness

Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand are the areas where the most numerous bird species that are unique in their evolution because they do not share similarities with the DNA of other bird species . This was revealed in a study by Arne Mooers dipmpin from Simon Fraser University , and Wakter Jetz of Yale University . This study for the first construct a sequence ( rank ) based on the uniqueness of evolution ( evolutionary distinctiveness ) of each species of bird in the world . The researchers compiled 9993 bird species around the world , and successfully identified 100 regions of the world where extra protection and conservation of biodiversity is needed to save the bird world .
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" Species that have unique evolutionary conservation requires special attention , because they are not irreplaceable - they are not interconnected to each other DNA , " said Arne Mooers of Simon Fraser University .

One bird highest score in the uniqueness of this DNA is Oilbird ( Steatornis caripensis ) . " We use the genetic data to identify bird species that has the fewest relationships in " Tree of Life " , in which species are in the unique highest peak and the highest score in the index uniqueness of Evolution " , " Mooers more clearly .

The index itself will complement and update the structure of the ' Tree of Life ' bird world ever published in the journal Nature in 2012 ago . Experts combine this index with the risk of extinction and mmetakan where these birds live . The result is a map of the bird world are spread in different parts of the world , and the main locations where the birds of the world 's most endangered .
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Mapping the location of the birds with the uniqueness of the planet's evolution provides an understanding which areas and countries do not give enough attention to the birds . " We also found that if we prioritize endangered birds in the order of their uniqueness , we are already approaching the most likely to save the world of bird evolution , " said Mooers further . " This means that our method can identify a number of species that should not be lost and it can also be used to store information contains a number of species that can be saved in the future . This is the main goal of conservation biology . "


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