Sales Premium Mobile iPhone 5S Jolla Salip

Since Officially marketed since two months ago, smart phones Jolla proven to trigger the curiosity of a number of consumers.  Although only marketed through a network of operators in his native Finland, but the number of mobile phone sales Jolla Claimed to be enough to make-many people gasped.  
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Jolla proven in the list of top five best-selling mobile phones in early 2014.  By the end of 2013, mobile phone sales surpass Jolla is ranked fifth the amount of sales of the iPhone 5S and 5C.  Launched Thus was the page  Nokia Power User ,  Friday (03/01/2014).  
Even so, the phone that carries the operating system is not Able to counter Sailfish countryman rivals namely the Nokia Lumia 520.  Phones based on Windows Phone 8 made ​​by Nokia that was just one rank above Jolla.
Network operator DNA is the only one that sells phones made ​​by Nokia's former employees.  While the other two operators Sonera and Elisa are known not selected as a partner for mobile marketing Jolla.
Jolla is a smartphone that is supported with a screen measuring 4.5 inches with an area of 16 GB of internal memory and a microSD slot and is equipped with 4G network technology.  Sailfish operating system that Carried Jollla a modification of Meego, a Linux- based platform that Intel and Nokia Introduced the Nokia N9 one of Them.
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Jolla own company formed by a number of former employees of Nokia.  One is Antii Saarnio, Chairman and co-founder Jolla.  Saarnio leave Nokia in June 2011 ago with a number of other Nokia employee who was INVOLVED in a joint project to deliver a new operating system.  (Vin / dew)


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