Samsung Flexible Display Showcase Folded Can Be Two

In the midst of the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014 held in Las Vegas last week, Samsung made a special event with limited participants. The event was covered in the convening others to demonstrate the product from folding screen technology makes.
However, as reported by  SamMobile , Samsung's flexible display shown at the event is different from the screen on the Galaxy Round. Therefore, new flexible display is not only curved, but also can be bent into two.
The demo made ​​Samsung to VIP guests and held at the Encore Hotel, Las Vegas.According  ETNews , Samsung's AMOLED screen display in a closed room measuring 5.68 inches was made ​​of plastic substrates.
The introduction of touch screen response is mentioned flexible enough thanks to Samsung's latest technology. With the touch capabilities that engineers can install the touch screen panel using metal mesh technology that is strong enough.
The new flexible display shown in the Samsung has much better flexibility than the Galaxy Round. However, Samsung claimed that this product is not yet entered mass production kitchen in the near future. The possibility of this product with flexible display will be launched Samsung in 2015.

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