This 10 Countries With Most Indonesian Smartphone Sales?

According to data from  Mediacells , India will occupy the second position in the list of 10 countries with sales  of smartphones  in the world in 2014. The growth of smartphones  in India is expected to more than double, from 156 million to 364 million users of the 1.2 billion population. (see also:  Tips On Instagram Install Android )
Meanwhile sales of  smartphones  in China is expected to reach 283 million, with 216 million new users. Citing the pages  of The Guardian , Wednesday (15/01/2013), sales  of smartphones  in India expected to touch the figure of 225 million, with 207 million new users.
Both developing countries are expected to record sales of more than 500 million smartphones  and grossed more than 400 million new users. Collective number of smartphones  sold in China and India is equivalent to half of the total 1.03 billion devices sold in 47 countries. Thus, the number of Internet users  of mobile  in developing countries pointed out will surpass developed countries.
In the U.S., sales  of smartphones  are expected to reach 89 million to 47.5 million new users. "The number of users  of smartphones  in the U.S. recently is expected to continue to grow, with an average increase of 3 million users per month, "said Brad Rees, Managing Director of Mediacells.

Interestingly, Rees predicts that Motorola, Samsung, and LG will dominate the market segment of users  of smartphones  at the age of 14 years and below.
A list of 10 countries with sales  of smartphones  in the world the other is Brazil with 47 million sales and 38.2 million new users, Indonesia with 46 million sales and 39.8 million new users, and Russia with 31 million sales and 21.4 million new users .
Followed by Japan with 30 million sales and 22.9 million new users, Mexico with 23 million sales and 16.3 million new users, Germany with 22 million sales and 12.2 million new users, France with 18.7 million sales and 11, 21 million new users, and the last is the UK with 17.7 million sales and 8.24 million new users.

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