Tips For Cucak Ijo Shown Riveting

It seems less than perfect when Cucak Green singing style does not issue ngentroknya . If you want to appear green cucak following ngentrok I give you tips about green cucak treatment that looks more spectacular when in the field .

The thing to do is :

6:00 in the morning when the weather is clear ( not cloudy or cold ) , remove it from the birds in the house and open the cage kerodong . let it sing .
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7:00 birds began bathed in a way put in tub cages ( bird baths ) . Let the shower as much . With a record of good weather conditions .
7.30 dried bird . Give crickets 3-5 tails Kroto , Kroto 1 teaspoon rotten fruit if it is replace it with fresh . Replaced fruit every day with interspersed . The fruit is usually given bananas and apples .

Leave a 1 tail worm tube . provide a given tube worm 3x in 1 week .
About a bird drying after 2-3 hours ( depending on the condition of the bird is drying long lasting or not ) . Lower the cage then aerate a few minutes after it dikerodong .

In the afternoon around 15:00 or 15:30 Hours . Bird ready to be bathed again . Same as the morning . When in the sun give crickets 3 voor tail while in check and drinking water .

Ahead of the race ( H - 3 ) ​​treatment of sun bathing together , but giving extra fooding like crickets in the morning plus 7-10 tail , afternoon 7-10 . Provide additional like caterpillars hongkong 3 tails in order to spur the current combat power on the ground.
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On Day ( H - 1 ) before the race , just washed and then dried bird fooding extra point is equal to 7 . Yet after drying and aerating kerodong cage until tomorrow morning .

On the day before leaving , clean the dirt , check voor dressing and fresh fruit . Give crickets 7-10 + 1 + 3 tube worm caterpillars hongkong . Without in Bathe or dried .

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