Use Glue, Samsung Gear Fit Hard Disassembled Posting

After loading the disassembly review Samsung Gear 2 is very easy , electronics technology sites and guides , iFixit , now disassembly Samsung Gear Fit . Surprisingly enough , iFixit stated that these devices difficult to be assembled .

Reporting from phonearena , iFixit perform disassembly Samsung Gear Fit . Smartwatch shaped device has a slightly different design with Gear 2 . Smartwatch health tracker that comes with this device seems to be a bit more difficult to be bothered , at least by the layman . While you equip yourself with screw , micro tweezers , and other tools , it will be in vain. Samsung Ksarena Gear Fit not only assembled with screws , but also aided by adhesive glue to put together a chip in the slot . Special adhesive used was seen thin , but very tacky . This is the type of adhesive substance that is often used as an alternative in electronic assembly .
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Fortunately , curved AMOLED screen on this device is easily accessible , because the screen is exactly what you need to open the first opening Gear Fit . After the opening screen, you will find a holder ( slot ) battery arch and neat arrangement of chips Gear Fit . Again very unfortunate, the battery is not curved Gear Fit easily be assembled as found in Gear 2 . To get there , you have to unload and unpack the mainboard series first order slot , which is a rather complicated task .
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iFixit gave the Samsung Gear Fit assessment scores only 6 of 10 ( 10 is the highest score , the more easily seen from the device to be assembled ) . Here's a video iFixit disassembling Samsung Gear Fit .


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