Yahoo Acquisition Android Launcher, Aviate

Yahoo has acquired Android manufacturer in the Aviate launcher. Aviate regarded as one of the most impressive launcher on Google Play Store. Aviate categorize all of its applications and re-arrange homescreen to offer users a variety of applications and information most needed.  (see also:  the sims 3 games )

Quoted from Softpedia, today (8/1), held at CES, Yahoo announced the acquisition of Aviate. Aviate team has created a product that changes the way users interact with their Android devices by connecting them to the real-time information that is very useful for users. Written on his official blog, Yahoo is happy to share the vision and mission with Aviate in serving all the needs of their users.
Aviate provide a customized experience for each period, until the second day concerns, such as the weather when you wake up, driving directions while driving on the road and so on.
Aviate promised that there would be no change in the application. However Aviate promising system update that will make the application better and faster.
According to a statement on its official blog Aviate, when his company joined with Yahoo, they united vision for the future. Yahoo, like Aviate, has the concept of simplifying and streamlining the user's daily habits through smart and beautiful products. Aviate see unlimited opportunities to work with Yahoo.  (see also:  the sims 3 free download full version )
But both parties Aviate and Yahoo does not publicly disclose the acquisition price.


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