Bird Market Malang ; Bird Species and Other Info

This is one place that is attractive to residents Malang , center following the trade of all kinds of bird cage and feeding areas . It is the middle of the city , there are numerous types of birds from different parts of the archipelago . The price is also affordable , a great selection of about 500 merchants birds , plus nearby is the sales center of ornamental fish and a variety of flowers .
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Bird Market Malang , or often called Manuk Splindeet Market , located west highway Majapahit ( before the Town Hall from the direction of Merdeka Square ) , in the south jln Tumapel ( Hotel Splindeet ) , only a few dozen feet from City Hall . Bird market themselves along the way UB . No wonder many foreign tourists were sightseeing in the bird market , because of its location close to several hotels such as Hotel Tugu , Splindit Hotel , The Hotel Montana , Hotel Kartika Kusuma , Olena Garden . In addition , the person who runs the streets of the city recreation Friends ( Tarekot ) behind City Hall in Malang also usually stop at the Bird Market Malang .

There are about 500 bird traders both in powders or street vendors who occupy the site , especially on both sides of the bridge over time Brantas . This market is open from morning until late afternoon . Visitors can go on his motorcycle with ample parking and safety representative . There are thousands of birds on sale with hundreds of species of birds , and the birds are many types originating from outside the island of Java, for example from Kalimantan , Nusa Tenggara , Papua and Sumatra . It shows the city of Malang bird market traders have access to trade with sellers outside the island birds .
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Not only birds are sold . There is also a kind of jungle fowl , cats , monkeys , guinea pigs , but not much . Ease Market splindit bird bird feed is available as well as whole grains, fruits , all kinds of cage birds and chickens as well as any equipment to care for the birds .
Keep in mind , at the Bird Market is not only to sell but also buy bird birds coming from the breeder or the person who catches the bird can be directly sold here . Malang bird market is a new market where buyers and sellers of birds .

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