Breeding Bird BLACKTHROAT & Performed

Blackthroat Bird very special bird . His voice is very melodious , loud enough , and loudly with rhythm and floated up and down the length like gurgling sound of water flowing at the foot of the hill and did not falter .

For aficionados of birds , the sound Blackthroat often used as the primary master several types of canaries that are learning to sing . In addition , birds can Blackthroat mated with the other birds are still a family even though her ​​posture is much larger , such as walnuts , edel Zanger , and Mozambique , and can be mated more than one female ( polygamy ) .

This potential causes in a relatively short time will be generated no small advantage . This book can be a reference and practical guide for the novice breeder who wants to try to cultivate Blackthroat as an effort to preserve it , in addition to adding extra income .

Efforts to mengawinsilangkan blackthroat with other birds of this family is not another one to look for bird chicks has superior quality as well . From the results of cross-breeding it turns direct descendant of interbreeding between blackthroat with walnuts ( blaken ) and blackthroat with lemon star ( black - star ) has advantages not possessed to the two parent . These advantages mainly lies in its sound quality .

Thus the price of chicks aged 1-2 months were pegged breeders sometimes very spectacular , could reach Rp . 700,000 to Rp . 1,000,000 each tail . And it can be purchased only by the existence maniac bird who is now a very flourishing .( read: kenari yorkshire jantan )

More so for the fans watching where blackthroat often also used and utilized as a master Branjangan and other birds such as canaries , to increase the vocabulary of sound variations owned .

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