disease and drugs for walnuts

Knowledge of the types of drugs for poultry , especially for birds Chenani , penlu also owned by the petemak walnuts . Generally , drugs that need to be provided is a type of drug commonly used for poultry , especially chickens . Here mi presented several types of drugs that are generally often used by the petemak ungas , including birds and chickens . Kinds of Drugs , Types of drugs commonly used for the treatment of birds , including canaries are as follows . :

Sulfamix ( Read: penyakit burung pleci )
Sulfamix antibiotic is a drug manufactured by Medion London and has been widely sold in stores birds ( poultry ) . Drugs mi composition contains 750 mg Sulfadimethyl Pyrimididine and Methyl Parasept 6 mg per teaspoon . Drugs can be used to treat mi Coccidiosis ( dysentery disease ) , pullorum ( defecation lime ) , Coryza ( snot , runny nose , swollen face ) , green stools (acute cholera ) , and CRD ( coughing , snoring ) . Dosage and dose use can be seen on the drug packaging .

Tetra - Chlor
Tetra - Chlor is an antibiotic medicine capsule-shaped and red colored manufactured by Medion Bandung . He Tetracycline drugs containing noodles ! , Erythromyein base , Vitamin B1 , B2 , B12 ' Vitamin C , Potassium Chloride , and Sulfate Sodium . Antibiotics that contain vitamins and minerals mi can be used to treat pullorum disease ( defecation lime ) , Coryza ( snot , runny nose , swollen face ) , Fowl cholera ( green stools ) , and CRD ( coughing , snoring ) . Dosage and dose use can be seen on the drug packaging .

Baytril 5 % is produced by Bayer and can be used for the treatment and peneegahan infectious diseases caused by gram positive and negative bacteria and mycoplasma . Drugs mi liquid ( drop ) and each milliliter contains 5 mg enrofloxacin . Dosage and dosage can use ! Ihat on the drug packaging .

Mycocoli be a solution of a broad spectrum anti - bacterial ( Enrofioxacine ) which can be used to eradicate almost all gram-positive bacterial infections , gram-negative , and Mycoplasma sp . Qbat mi manufactured by Divasa Farmavic , Spain , in the form of liquid ( drop ) . Drugs containing mi - Acid I- ciclopropil 7-6 hydrofluoric , I ,4 - dehydrogenase - 4 - oxo - 3quinolincar boxilic 100 mg , and Exipient QSF 1 ml . Qbat mi Mycoplasmosis can cure disease ( wheezing , snoring ) , Collibacillosis ( diarrhea ) , Salmonellosis ( defecation lime ) , Infectious corvza ( head swelling , runny nose ) , fowl cholera ( green stools ) , Staphylococcus sp , Glostridiosis , and Pseudomoniasis . Dosage and dose use can be seen on the drug packaging .

The charm is biocidal total with a formula that has double the power to eradicate microorganisms and protect birds and disease . Drug noodles produced in liquid form and can be used Banyurejo to eradicate the infestation of birds by means mixed in a water bath . In addition , the drug is also useful to beautify the noodles feathers . Dosage and dose use can be seen on the drug packaging .

Vitamins are needed to stimulate the growth and development of birds . Giving vitamin can be done in canaries each han . We do not need to worry if an overdose of vitamins in the body , because the rest of the vitamins that are not utilized by the body of the bird will be wasted through bird droppings . Vitamins , in addition to a useful increase endurance , can increase the vitality and productivity of birds . Some kinds of vitamins that can dibenikan on canaries are vitamins A , B - complex , C , D , and E. There are several kinds of vitamins in the product packaging specifically for consumption of birds that can be used , among other Vetamix , Amino - Vital Solution , Terafit , Vitachick , and Enervon - C .

How to eat  ( Read: penyakit burung lovebird )
Above drugs can generally be used to deal with cases related to diseases that often attack canary . Presentation drugs for canaries can be done by means mixed in drinking water or by drinking from it indirectly through dropper or cotton .
Diseased walnut will be drug and dried prior to matahani beam approximately one hour . At the time of sun-dried , walnut is not given drinks . Prepare medication to be given at the place of drinking . Once dried , walnuts moved to a cool place , then drink that has mixed the drug incorporated into the cage . Thirsty canary will soon drink water mixed the drug . If the drug has been mixed in the drinking water is not drunk , take a piece of cotton laIu dip into drinking water containing the drug . Hold the walnuts to be treated , then the cotton stick to half a walnut . Canaries will suck the liquid to drink . The rest of the drug -containing drinks can be put in the cage in order to be taken by the canaries if you feel thirsty . Birds that have been mixed drinks obatjangan dried because the drug efficacy will be lost .

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