How Or Livestock Raising Kroto weaver ants

To start cultivation or livestock Kroto weaver ants there are several steps that must be done , however, before embarking on the steps we should prepare the equipment and supplies required to facilitate the cultivation of this Kroto . For the first step we prepare beforehand that the required equipment including : stacking rack , jar or pipes , and containers for food and drink .
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Making Shelves For Raising Kroto ( Read: ternak kroto youtube )

Shelves can be used on metal, wood or jointed pipe . The aim of this iron rack for weaver ant colonies so that they can live around the shelf that was not out of the shelf area , in addition to the presence of the shelf we can monitor the progress of weaver ants in it .

Standard rack size that has a height of 1.5 m length of 2m and width of 0.5 m . Then make the stages on the shelf with a height of 30-40 cm with a plywood base , and to a height of feet from the floor to limit the bottom shelf the same size that is 30 cm , so it does not keep the ants out of the rack .

Just as the caterpillar hongkong shelf for cultivation , cultivation shelf for weaver ants Kroto or any part of the foot should be put on the shelf container containing water or oili , it aims to keep the ants out of the rack or blurred .

Houses For Nest weaver ants

Media commonly used for the weaver ant nests are often in use by farmers weaver ants are plastic jars and pipes . If we use the jar to back hole in the jar with a diameter of 1 cm above the side of the jar , this is important because these small holes will be used to track and out of the weaver ants feed upon taking that are outside the jar .

After the perforated jars ready to be included weaver ants , the ants get in the jar after the jar is perforated , the hole closes around 2-3 hours this is done so that the new ant inhabit these jars can be adapted in the jar .

Meanwhile, if you want to use pvc pipe or gutter then to watch the size of the pipe , the pipe size to be used which has a size of 1.5 or 2 inches , and to note that this measure affects the productivity of the ants when generating Kroto .

Once you get the corresponding pipe , cut the pipe with a length of 20 cm , the size of the pipe for easy storage on the shelf .

Places To Feed weaver ants 

As stated in the previous post that kind of feed for weaver ants there are several kinds , types of feed is very influential in the development of weaver ants and automatically will also affect the quantity and quality of the resulting Kroto . ( Read: cara ternak kroto )
For any more details please read the feed here first weaver ants feed .

Once we know the type of aquaculture feed for this Kroto , then that is not less important is where their feed . To place or container we can use the feed tray or plastic tray , the amount provided at least 2 .

And that should be considered in place of this feed is always filled foods not to empty , usually if there is no food weaver ants will try to get out of the rack to find eat . Then one more thing to note is the feeding should always be clean .

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