For lovers of birds chirping or cendet hususnya pentet sound listening melodious and varied very fun and exciting , especially the bird when he appeared with the race prime , it was the desire of the mpunya one bird ( like me . , Ngarep .... ) .
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But for such a bird print we have to know how to care for pentet or cendet to be ready to race , because this bird is a formidable fighter has a character that unfortunately if not treated appropriately.

to more clearly how where caring ways pentet or cendet , we see the explanation below :
Pentet bird character or cendet

Paentet is a type of bird and at the same ferocious fighter . These birds become malignant and aggressive when hungry
Pentet lust was cendeung easy ride . Even so , the birds easily pentet jiinak . Tinngi beradaptasinya ability .

Feed for bird pentet or cendet

Voer : voer good is the yield proteins were as follows: 12 % -18 %
EF ( extra fooding ) . Ie crickets , orong - orong , Kroto , worms , caterpillars hongkong , bamboo caterpillars , centipedes , grasshoppers and other

Maintainability and Daily Dress

At 7 am bird - issued to dianginp aired for 30 minutes
Furthermore, the bird bath. While bathing birds , clean the cages
Winds bird back . Check voer in the feed , if it runs plus , if it has been replaced a long time , as well as drinking water .
Put the container Eph 4 ekorjangkrik for bird feeder , do not ever give cricket directly on birds
At 8 am , the sun birds that had been aerated for 1 or 2 hours
After drying , the birds in the winds for 10-15 minutes
After the bird dikerodong , and dimaster until 3 pm
3 pm re- released birds for aerated. When it was given two tail crickets in the container EF
At 6 o'clock the bird back dikerodong and dimaster during the rest period until the next day morning .

Feed - feed given on schedule

Give 1 tablespoon fresh Kroto maximum of 2x a week , 1 worms 2x a week .
Give vitamins and minerals are mixed in drinking water once a week

Handling over lust

Reduce the portion of crickets into 2 am and 2 pm , give the worm into 2 tail 2 x week . You can also bamboo caterpillar 2 tails 3 times a week .
The portion of the bath plus into morning , afternoon and evening , plus also the evening bath . Meanwhile , the drying time is reduced to 30 minutes / day

Handling birds in kanondisi nge - drop

Immediate isolation ngedrop birds so as not to see and hear the birds singing similar
Portion crickets added to 5 am and 5 pm , Kroto was increased to every day , plus 2 tail centipede week caecal
The portion of the bath is reduced , it becomes 2 days, while drying in added time to 2-3 hours / day .


Cendet bird or birds pentet is very good at imitating the sounds of other birds or any sound that never listens . Just as the dominant field that needs to have a humming bird stone , then to birds cendet would be very nice if dimaster predominantly with the sounds of birds lovebird , Cililin , walnuts , woodpeckers and cucak beard .

And master the most excellent sound for pentet is walang sound ( grasshoppers ) , can sound locust or grasshopper usual prattle , grasshopper king , or better yet gold locusts . One more thing that should not be missed for pentet loaded in birds , namely the master sound of crickets . Birds who mastered the sound of crickets , usually it would be easy to imitate the sound of screeching sounds ngerol once more .

Dress competition

H - 6 before the race , the bird is isolated to see and hear the sounds of other birds cendet
H - 3 before the race , crickets can be raised to 2 heads and 2 tails early afternoon , and the H - 2 before the race , the bird should be dried in a maximum of 30 minutes. Perform a shower the night ( 19:00 to 20:00 hours ) at the H - 1
An hour before the race bushel , bird bath and give crickets and caterpillars hongkong 3-5 6-15 tail tail
If the bird will drop the race again , given crickets 2 tail again .



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