How to Make Codes and Text Chat Emoticons Facebook

How to Make Codes and Text Chat Emoticons Facebook - Fb it is always an idol in addition to internet users can also add contacts to broaden the business can be carried out even our site created by Mark Zuckerberg 's .
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Many of the activities we can do on facebook , for example, such as status updates , play games , ask many questions or discussion by joining the group and chatting.Chatting with friends on facebook is fun , especially at the happy girlfriend obviously added : D.Selain plain text , FB chat can also use text emoticon.Itu cool and funny pictures you know a size small to express your feelings , such as angry , happy , happy , sad , disappointed and more .
With so chat will be more interesting , do not get hung up on the chat feature provided facebook.Karena you can enter any text or emoticons up to you , such as : DJ, naruto , sharingan , Sasuke , club soccer team , memes , Spongebob and much more .

Then how Emoticon Codes and How to Make New Text in Facebook Chat is cool , funny and unique homemade ( Smiley ) Easy course , consider the following tips :

Create Your Own Emoticons
2.Click emoticon wearing a cowboy hat and reading " Facebook Chat Codes Maker "
3.Click Browse , and select the image that you have used to prepare for the new emoticons
4.Open , then select " Upload Now"

Step 2 Create New Emoticons For Facebook Chat

5.Tunggu moment , copy the code that appears into your facebook chat and see what happens

Last Step Create New Emoticons For Facebook Chat

Create Your Own Text ( Read: cara membuat game facebook )
1.Silahkan towards http:// smileychatcodes . com/facebook-chat-text-generator/
2.Select the type of letters in the " Font "
3.Masukkan writing in the " Message "
4.Copykan code in the " Chat Codes " to chat facebook

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