Judging Quality Birdcage From Kebonbatur

QUALITY good does not mean expensive , so production birdhouse from the District Rural Kebonbatur Mranggen , Demak , Central Java . Locals take advantage of teak wood waste as a raw material .
Due to the condition of the wood is dry , allowing the cage to be more subtle qualities . To the creation of a basic frame to finishing , can be seen clearly quality and quality .
Sangkar Burung
At first the people in the village famous for the bird cage , is a farmer . Because of rainfed cropping systems , lots of people have to work part-time to meet the family's needs . Until the expertise to make a birdhouse .
Expertise make this bird cage , can be dropped in temuran up to three generations . Almost all villagers capable of making handmade birdhouse , subtly .
" Initially Kebonbatur minus is a farming village , to survive people must be labor or start my own business , " said village chief Kebonbatur , Mahbub .
Birdcage Kebonbatur been around since before independence . To sell a bird cage to Semarang , residents had to walk , so the return to days .
Diperkembangannya , can be seen every home residents are making the activity cage . Most make a small wooden spokes , greasing up the basic framework of varnish on the cage .
Residents deliberately dividing each house section by section to produce a cage , and put a finishing house into place .
Within a week , local residents are able to produce up to 600 units a bird cage . With a selling price varies from Rp 60 thousand to Rp 600 thousand per unit , depending on the complexity of the production cages .
Khudori ( 54 ) Hamlet Village Kadilangon Kebonbatur , claimed to have 25 years to his bird cage production . " The hallmark of Kebonbatur bird cage , box shape and made ​​of teak wood , " he explained .
Material from teak wood has a longer durability , compared to other materials . Like cage combined with bamboo , can last up to 10 years . so many customers from out of town were booked .
According to other craftsmen , Nahrowi ( 43 ) , resulted in a bird cage in a day , not an easy job . It takes patience , because it is quite complicated . Usually he accidentally sold a cage in a raw state , if the buyer asks the other colors , sehngga snagkar stay dipolesnya .
There are many kinds of bird cage , like a cage hongkongan models , especially for birds solonan or Rowo geckos .

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