Kacer Care Tips

The key play on the field is Kacer daily care . Why ? ? As often in the pillowcase that we set the most important is the mental , emotional and lust Kacer . Fighter like Kacer Bird is likened to be a complete fighter has ; mental , stamina and killing puch .

( Read: kacer mbagong )So often the term " live maintainability previous owner " which became a short solution though not necessarily accurate . Why ? ? Are we really sure the previous owner Kacer maintainability has been stable , or just a coincidence when he wants nampil TSB .

So play around with the bird kacer there are 3 points :
Kacer read and understand our character ( This is needed observations that need time and patience ) .
Daily Skincare is fooding , and tangkringan enclosure , shower and drying are also many who use Umbaran .
Maintainability / Field Settings .

A. maintainability DAILY

clothes line

Drying kacer should be made routine every day so that the birds are more fit and have a longer breath . Drying duration can be increased gradually every week , for example:
week 1 hour drying of 8 s / d at 10
2 weeks of drying at 10 s / d at 10:30
And so on until when in the sun longer kacer not open his mouth
When drying is being done , try to remove all the feed , it pays to add his voice thick . When finished drying cage put a shady place for aerated until his mouth mangap no longer then input beforehand Voernya sure he will take as long as the drying kacer not eat at all .

Why Voernya first given is that when consuming voernya participate swallowed dry mucus also available dikerongkongannya . After entering the food for 15 minutes voer new drinking water intake . Water solution is given in kacer good and useful for the bird sound clarity . If the solution is to drink water until we replace it with a new finished water until tomorrow morning .


The bath is useful to stabilize lust / emotions , so basically we get used to bathe the Kacer at least 1x per day . Another effect of the bath is slightly reduced kacer and reduce emotional exhaustion .

But many are less ngedur kacernya Kacernya how to bathe once a day so that his lust for his body heat rise . Tip : Try to bathe kacer at night time , this is also one of the solutions to reduce / eliminate mbagong , and it would be great if using cold water . And that's when we give EF bath and cleans his cage .

extra Fooding ( Read: penangkaran kacer )

Good fruit given to kacer that serves to lower the lust and sharpen sound . Fruits are usually given to kacer are :
Papaya , more often interpreted to lower the lust ( though not significant ) .
Apples , usually used to sharpen the sound ( though not significant ) and make the sound becomes clearer .
Bananas : many say giving kacer even make kacer so fat . The solution for those of you who have bird kacer who want kacernya look big / super :) .
It is common knowledge that the sound of crickets used for power but also can raise Kacer kacer lust . For daily should not be given too much to wake up at Rev birahinya.Menjelang new race because the race requires extra energy to race kacer Preparation :
Do not always be reconciled with others and also birds Kacer Murray Stone .
On the morning after the kacer bathed umbaran inserted into the cage to strengthen the muscles of the wings .
Drying everything possible .
In the afternoon the bird is washed and re- inserted into the cage daily .
Give EF and in the final weeks of the EF giving improved , for example: Monday morning 5 crickets , crickets 5 pm
Tuesday morning 6 crickets , crickets 6 pm , Wednesday : 7-7 + Caterpillars Hong Kong , Thursday : 8-8 + Caterpillars Hong Kong , Friday : Bird started the race was moved to a special cage s / d Saturday , Sunday EF returned to normal 5-5 only in Hong Kong plus the provision caterpillar .
2 down to see the performance that first play was new in EF added to taste ( Cricket + Caterpillars HGK ) .

Worms can be given to reduce the effects of lust on Kacer .
Tip : Try to remove the worm from Kacer daily unless we have is a young Kacer , because the average young Kacer have lust unstable and tend substandard .

Although there are still many who rarely wears Kroto but also Kroto function is to make kacer gacor & lust rising so much faster when in fights total .

Bamboo caterpillars ( UB )
Usually given 1-3 tail on the ground when in fights kacernya nubruk2 cage / ngejeruji aka kegalakan.UB serves to reduce lust , so this is also one of the tricks that kacer not mbagong when in fights , but this all depends on the character of each bird kacer each .

Caterpillars Hong Kong ( UH )
should not use UH as a daily EF because UH has the effect of ( emotional ) / hot body which is given when the rain instan.baik no heat , ahead of the race is usually given 1-2 ane previous sessions , the dose may 10-20


Daily cage
We choose the usual easy to clean using a cage box / tempeh can measure 40x40x70 , 40x45x70 , etc. . Get used to clean the cage every day so kacer not prone to fleas and our house does not smell well .

Competition cages
Customize your bag with any condition ^ ^

Adjust to his playing style and make sure to attach the tail tangkringan kacer not to hit the bars that are not easily broken / damaged tail feathers .

Parallel Model Tangkringan
Can be used as a multilevel parallel to kacer style heaving agile while mengkibas tail - flick , rocking mang ....

Model Tangkringan Cross
Tangkringan crossbar can be used for kacer that not too much style tends to be more nancap / nagen .

Tangkringan Model 3 tangkringan
Were found in fart , 2 under , 1 over ( tengah2 ) one way to play kacer not fall down .

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