Lovebird Care Competition Winner

How to care for a champion lovebird actually not much different from lovebird care in general , only in this case happened to be treated by mang Jujuk Batagor boss is a bird lovebird champion who has several times won Latbet in Surabaya . Sometimes people have a special secret tips for bird race champion , but this time it will be boasting Jujuk glance why birds can gacoannya latberan champion at the Shepherd - News .

" With regular care and patient turns ordinary birds can be a remarkable bird , so the bird 's price will exceed Standard for Birds in general . "

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There are no menus or special treatment is done on gacoannya in daily care , when viewed menu was almost the same average with other birds chirp . As is done every day is waking up every morning and open the cage issued kerodongnya , in aired briefly on bathe then refined by spraying , then dried bird until 10 or 11 o'clock at the latest . The food diary is Milet white and 5 seeds watermelon seeds .

Unlike when towards the race , a two day race birds would be given an additional menu of sweet corn cobs half and hung on the edge of the cage , the bird remained bathed in -2 and drying as usual . but in the day -1 bird had not bathed again , while corn remains given . on day -1 bird is not dried , but only monitored while cooling it aired its readiness ahead of the race tomorrow .
brosur lomba burung

For cleanliness , cage every day by mang jujuk cleaned of bird droppings and bird food waste that has accumulated in the bottom of the cage .

It turns out that the simple method Jujuk indeed come to fruition so , his favorite Labet also won several trophies in latberan . and the other tips submitted by jujuk indeed the key to success resulted in the champion bird is on " Consistent and Tolerance " + " pray " .

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