Nokia Finally Upgrading Disadvantages Android Mobile

Nokia has tried his luck android phone through Nokia X , XL and X + , X -type in the new Indonesia were released . Her presence is enough to pay attention observers android , although some responses also appear above spec it . harga hp nokia
Nokia X is a unique design excellence and Microsoft as an owner of the Nokia mobile is a top class player who has been known to want windows phone has its own characteristics on android phone besutannya even without providing Google store on the device . We probably one observer Nokia which is not too sure of the success of the Nokia X sales , due to concerns that the hardware spec Nokia X - kicking - less impressed .
Ram and processor and coupled with a plastic material that is mediocre , it turns out we were right above the forecast shortfall in Nokia X. X is now reported that Nokia will have a successor to the Nokia X2 as upgrading ( revamping ) .
Not yet certain how much longer the presence of the Nokia X2 is a picture but no promises to him through an increase to 1GB of RAM and a quad -core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that is more advanced than the one in the body of the Nokia X 's . We hope there are other features such as additional protection display and dual cameras , because it is a requirement in addition to all the standard modern android phones now, but also in order to win the competition in the cheap android class that increasingly sharp .
Nokia android if you want to exist it needs improvement , because now Nokia still seem half-hearted in the Android mobile phone project , because it still feels thick scent of competition between Microsoft and Google as the owner of android technology , for example, look at the store about applications and interface design .
It's hard for Nokia android in order to attract the attention of buyers , the Nokia android has struggled to form an image through improvements in performance and design without sacrificing the price issue . What will Nokia also will fix another android Android - up will be the Nokia XL2 or X +2 ?( Read: harga hp seken )
What is certain Nokia in Indonesia was originally never had the image of the mobile phone as durable / long lasting durable alias . It would be better if Nokia still want to lifting the image , while also able to meet the demands of the world mengedapankan android mobile application advantages .


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