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AnchorWatch provides insurance on bitcoin and digital commodities as an insurance company, broker and managing general agent. With an AnchorWatch cold storage insurance policy, crypto owners can have the best of both worlds: true self-custody and a backstop that protects their family from catastrophe.

Coverage you can count on

AnchorWatch retail policies are backed by A-rated carriers and reinsurance and collateralized in USD, so you know that you'll be taken care of when things go wrong. We are regulated in the United States as a property & casualty surplus lines producer in each state where we sell policies, with international support coming soon.

For commercial customers and HNW individuals, AnchorWatch will first understand your needs and will be your advocate in domestic and global risk markets. Ensure you get the coverage you need at a price that makes sense, all with the support of an executive level single point of contact.


Founded by bitcoin owners after finding it impossible to both practice self-custody and get insurance coverage, AnchorWatch believes that owning and storing digital commodities shouldn't be fraught with fear and unmitigated risk. The team has concentrated technology, security, risk management, insurance, legal and operational expertise - honed over years at Fortune 125 companies - which means you'll have a great experience while getting better protection.